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E-Learning - Digiforma EN

Built-in virtual classroom software

The virtual classroom software allows you to create a digital room in which different learners can work together in the same space. As well as bringing a human touch to the digital learning format, the virtual classroom software allows a wide range of activities to be incorporated into the training session, including videos and quizzes.

Thanks to interactive virtual classroom software, you can launch the event at the click of a button and take advantage of synchronous distance learning for the length of time you choose. Easy to install and accessible anywhere, the virtual classroom is the perfect software for flexible training.

Organise videoconferences with your learners

Digiforma integrates virtual classroom features directly into the learner Training Portal.
Digitise your training courses with webinars easily at the click of a button.

The virtual classroom, an eLearning essential

The virtual classroom is an essential synchronous teaching method in a distance learning course! Add a human touch and connect with your learners through interactive virtual classroom sessions. Enrich your teaching with the other distance learning activities available in Digiforma: videos, texts, quizzes and even projects!

Simplified administrative follow-up

The virtual classroom allows you to reproduce the conditions of a face-to-face course, but at a distance! Digiforma offers digital signature features so that you can collect your learner’s signatures directly during the session. Send a signature link directly to the learners, who can sign using their mouse.

A feature for spontaneous communication

The virtual classroom can be a time for scheduled exchanges between the various participants in a training course. You can also make the online meeting room permanently available and directly accessible via a connection link: This allows your trainers to offer personalised, spontaneous support as they interact with their students.

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How Espace Chef is digitally transforming its training courses

Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

Fabienne Tardy

CEO, Espace Chef

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