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E-Learning - Digiforma EN

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Create continuous videoconference rooms on the Training Portal. Digiforma enables you to combine face-to-face and distance learning in your training courses. From administrative follow-up to the automation of learning content, you can embark on digital learning with complete peace of mind!
Use the software to divide your training courses into modules, create distance learning pathways and quickly organise video conferences.

Discover digital learning through cross-modal training!

Blended learning allows training providers to easily add digital content to their training courses: Whether it’s a reversed classroom, personalised tutoring sessions or an online learning community, blended learning is an excellent way of diversifying training courses and providing learner support that’s as relevant as possible to their needs! Digiforma offers a digital learning platform designed to fit in perfectly with a blended learning approach: For each training session, create eLearning pathways and track the progress of your learners.

Administrative support designed for both face-to-face and distance learning courses

Create multi-module courses and alternate face-to-face and digital learning to offer tailor-made training to your learners. Digiforma’s module system enables you to offer different training dates and to follow face-to-face modules independently of distance learning modules.

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How Espace Chef is digitally transforming its training courses

Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

Fabienne Tardy

CEO, Espace Chef

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