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Quality Approach - Digiforma EN

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Quality Approach - Digiforma EN

Tools for monitoring quality compliance

The Digiforma tool prepares an “on-the-spot” satisfaction survey at the start of the training course.

Its completeness depends on your quality policy, and the software allows you to set the parameters of the questions asked and measure the answers provided.

Measure the quality of your training courses

At this stage, it is important to check that the learner enjoyed working with the trainer and the content of the course, whether it corresponded to the expected objectives, whether the course progression was appropriate, and whether they felt that they had learned the expected concepts.

Sales follow-up can be carried out afterwards or via an evaluation. This stage is particularly important in the case of in-company projects. The analysis tools offered by the software provide qualitative feedback on the training courses. Contact persons are added to the contact database for information campaigns via personalised emails.

Compliance with regulations on the quality of training organisations

Digiforma software is constantly adapting to new legislation. We follow the main criteria set out in regulations, such as Datadock in France, to help you improve the quality of your training courses.

The fields provided provide information on the aims of the course and its suitability for the target audience. The software guides you and helps you to define the terms and conditions of reception, pedagogical follow-up and assessment. It defines the teaching, technical and supervisory resources for each course. All the elements are brought together and accessible.

Digiforma also makes it easy to publish and enter learner satisfaction and skills assessment surveys and to provide feedback. It guarantees a quality process for your training organisation. This ensures that you can demonstrate the traceability of your transactions and the accuracy of the proof and supporting documents that may be requested by partner organisations.

Thanks to the evaluation and monitoring tools that improve your quality approach, Digiforma enables you to concentrate on the intrinsic quality of the training content, which is your core business.

A modern software for training providers

At last, a modern technical solution, designed for the digital transformation of training.

Our solution uses the latest technologies to meet the needs of organisations and training providers.

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Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

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