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A solution for sensitive data

The software is designed to protect your business, client and learner data. All data is encrypted and digital exchanges are secure. Access to information is limited by user accounts with rights management. Only people authorised to handle certain data have access to it.

The documents signed in return can be digitised and archived as evidence for auditing organisations, and can be extracted to accompany educational and financial reports. The internal operating principle is that all data entered is stored as it is entered, so that all operational and commercial documents can be regenerated identically.
The same applies to educational and financial reports.

Systematic data storage

Each financial year can be closed and saved. During operation, an automatic backup policy is implemented to archive your data on a regular basis. These archives can be restored in the event of a major hardware problem, enabling rapid business continuity without any loss of information.

The IT infrastructures on which Digiforma relies are among the most secure in the world. Our internationally renowned suppliers offer a continuous and secure service.

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How Espace Chef is digitally transforming its training courses

Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

Fabienne Tardy

CEO, Espace Chef

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