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+ 5,500 training organizations use Digiforma

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Invoicing and accounting - Digiforma illustration EN

Generate and track your quotes

The sales follow-up tool enables you to automatically generate a quote containing all the information about the training session.
Keep track of your exchanges with your prospects using the sales follow-up tool!

Make all your sales management paperless

From quote to invoice, digitise your sales follow-up and let Digiforma help you track your prospects and clients. Automatically generate quotes and invoices from session information and send them directly to your clients via Digiforma.

Personalised follow-up

Digiforma enables you to carry out personalised follow-up for each of your clients. With the sales follow-up features, you can check which sessions are still being discussed with your prospects and follow them up quickly! You can also use the sales statistics to see which of your clients have the most quotes pending or, on the other hand, have completed the most training sessions with you!

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How Espace Chef is digitally transforming its training courses

Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

Fabienne Tardy

CEO, Espace Chef

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