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Business CRM feature - Digiforma

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Business CRM feature - Digiforma

A built-in email editor

Digiforma has an integrated email system that makes your job easier in numerous ways.
Using all available resources and data, your email production is automated to the maximum: template, planning and contact data are all used.

Your email body can be configured and customised to your image. You optimise your time and eliminate the risk of human error. A specific message can be associated with a particular section of the software, with differentiated models for specific situations. Documents integrated via a link to the Training Portal are automatically generated from your updated data, such as invoices, attendance sheets or assessments.
You have a practical toolbox for organising your digital communications.

Email scheduling and follow-up

The software offers a wide range of options for automating emails for events linked to the training activity.

The software takes care of sending the emails, which are designed in advance and then personalised to suit your needs. For specific events, such as the impending start of a training session or, on the other hand, after it has finished, the sending of the training website or the posting of an assessment, the software will send pre-formatted emails tailored to each situation and to the right people. All mailings can be tracked to check that the email has been received by the learner.

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How Espace Chef is digitally transforming its training courses

Digiforma has enabled us to move away from logistics and concentrate on individualised training. Today, we use Digiforma far more than we had originally intended.

Fabienne Tardy

CEO, Espace Chef

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