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Electronic Signature - Digiforma EN

Say goodbye to paper with the digital attendance records!

Electronic attendance sheets enable you to record your learner’s attendance directly from a computer: Send them a signature link and collect their signatures directly using the digital attendance report.

Attendance sheets, essential legal documents

The sign-in sheet or attendance sheet is essential for training courses: Signing in is far from being a mere formality. It is of real value to trainers, learners and funding bodies alike.

The attendance sheet is first and foremost legal proof and meets a legal obligation under the Labour Code, which applies to training organisations and all training providers.

It is used to justify and centralise the attendance of learners and trainers, and is therefore an essential document for funding bodies and other organisations. When a self-employed trainer works as a subcontractor for an organisation, the attendance sheet provides proof of remuneration and, more generally, facilitates funding by funding bodies.

Enrolment forms can also be used to justify the fact that a learner has not achieved the planned objectives due to lateness or absence. The number of hours or learner hours must correspond to the actual attendance time, which is why it is essential to fill in attendance sheets. Funding bodies may withhold payment in the event of absences or lateness not directly related to the course in question.

When training takes place remotely, training activities can be verified by the work carried out by the learner or by tracking connection times.

Digital signatures are also possible thanks to an online sign-in sheet, which requires digital signatures from both learner and trainer. This option offers greater reliability, facilitates training management and enables data to be centralised.

The electronic attendance sheet for blended learning

The electronic attendance sheet enables you to keep track of your learner’s presence, both face-to-face and remotely. For virtual classes, the electronic attendance sheets allow you to register your learners directly during your webinars. Learner attendance data is then automatically updated in Digiforma to enhance your administrative monitoring and your educational and financial reports.

Go paperless with Digiforma

With Digiforma, limit the use of paper for your training courses! Digital sign-in sheets mean you don’t have to print out paper sign-in sheets, even for face-to-face training. You can now get your students to sign directly on a tablet, or simply by sending them a signature link via email. With an electronic attendance sheet, all you need is an internet connection.

Increased security

Electronic signature is one of the most secure and reliable ways of validating the authenticity of a signature on an official document. Online attendance sheets ensure the traceability and permanence of records, whereas loose sheets get lost and have to be sent by post and filed on paper, which is no longer the most practical or sensible solution. Electronic signature is virtually forgery-proof and, above all, unalterable. It has real legal value, which is why training organisations should consider going digital.

Un gain de temps pour la formation

Digital sign-in saves a considerable amount of time. The health crisis has firmly established blended learning in training courses, and even in distance learning, electronic signature provides direct validation of a document and therefore of your online attendance sheet. No more postal delivery, administrative errors, lost documents, printing, scanning, filing or archiving: Your online attendance sheets are shared in real time, validated, sent, tracked and filed. A great help in managing your training courses and the time-consuming tasks involved in the administrative side of training.

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